How it works

Direct Access

Create Event & Invite

Create an Event, upload photos and invite all guests

Data Tracking

Click a Selfie

Guests open the Memzo link and click a selfie

Press Releases

Get "your" Photos

Each guest gets "their" photos within seconds

Benefits for Hospitality Business Owners


Everyone get ""their"" photos

Memzo’s highly accurate Face Recognition delivers each guest “their” own photos in seconds


Maintain your Privacy

You don’t need to show all photos to all guests in the event. Each guest gets to see only ""their"" own photos


Sell photos

You can sell the photos to guests and earn extra revenue for your event


Boost your brand

Best in class analytics to measure social reach and ROI. Use photos to amplify your event and brand's reach


Invite-only and secure

Each event on Memzo is invite-only & password protected. You can control who can access and stay in the event from our dashboard


Show Event Highlights to everyone

Every guest gets to see their photos. But you can show certain best photos to everyone"

Over 5000 Events Created and Shared on Memzo

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Photos Shared

50 K


200 +


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