Frequently Asked Questions on Memzo

How accurate is Memzo's Facial Recognition?

Memzo uses the most advanced Facial Recognition Al, with a 99.3% accuracy. It even works on blurry images, large group photos, photos with side faces, photos with face masks. People are usually blown away by the accuracy.

Guests open the event page, click a selfie and instantly find all their photos.

There is no limit. Unlimited number of guests can find their photos via Face Recognition by clicking a selfie.

For how long will my photo stay on Memzo?

Upto 2 years for single event use plan, and till end of subscription for recurring multi-event users.

Photos are resized and stored in 4k quality i.e. 3840 x 2160 pixel.

The upload process must be completed in one go to have all the photos processed. For uploading photos in batches, please use normal upload.

How to create an event on Memzo?

Just go to and in 3 simple steps you will be able to create an event on Memzo.

You can either select photos and upload directly on Memzo or paste your google drive link and we pull the photos data directly from your drive.

You just need to paste your google drive link while creating the event. We use the official google drive APIs to directly pull the data from google servers and add those photos to your event.

What is the pricing?

There is a 3¢ per photo charge to share the photos. So for e.g. if you share 1000 photos, you will be charged USD 30. There is no other charge and you can share photos with unlimited guests. If you decide to sell photos to participants via Memzo, we charge a 0% sales commission on the photo sales.

Yes, you can create an event for free and if you like it, you can pay us anytime and activate full access from the event page.

After you upload all the photos on Memzo, anyone can pay to activate face recognition for all the photos in the event, including your client. You just have to open the event page and activate full access.

Yes, we offer competitive pricing to large organizations with bulk needs. Please email to discuss your requirements.

Anyone can try Memzo by creating their event on We only charge once you try and like it.

Can photos be sold to participants via Memzo?

Yes, you can sell photos to your event participants. It may be runners in a marathon or students/alumni/parents in a school or college - Memzo can be used to distribute and sell photos to any audience.

You can request funds transfer anytime after 7 days of sales to your account. You have to request it from the admin dashboard. It takes upto 7 days to transfer the funds.

Photos can be sold in all major currencies used around the world. If we don’t cover your currency yet, contact us on and we will add support for it for your event instantly.

We charge 0% sales commission depending on your pricing tier. To get your pricing tier, please refer to the pricing page or email and share your requirements.

Is my data secure and private?

Yes, your data is 100% secure and private. We never share your data with anyone. Memzo is a completely private photo sharing platform. All photos are stored on highly secured AWS S3 buckets with specific user permission policy to ensure security and privacy at all times

No one except the guests you invite to your event. Memzo is a completely private photo sharing platform and no one except those you invite can view the photos.

Memzo is a 100% private photo sharing platform. Your data is not accessible to anyone except you and your guests you invite to the event. Our aim is to make event photos sharing easy, private and secure.

Memzo is a completely ad-free and 100% private photo sharing platform. We don’t show any ads and nor do we use your data for any other activity. That’s our promise to you.

Can I integrate my event access with my website?

Yes, you can integrate the event access with your website. Please email us on and we will help you out with it.

Any organization can use Memzo to distribute and sell photos - photographers, event organizers, sports clubs, schools, colleges are our typical customer profiles. If you have pictures to share, just Memzo it. Please email to discuss your requirements.