How it works

Direct Access

Create Event & Invite

Create an Event, upload photos and invite all guests

Data Tracking

Click a Selfie

Guest clicks the invite link, downloads Memzo App & captures a selfie

Press Releases

Get "your" Photos

Each guest gets "their" photos within seconds

Benefits for Club Admins


Members get "their" photos

Memzo’s highly accurate Face Recognition delivers each member “their” own photos in seconds


Showcase your Club Sponsor

Increase your sponsor’s reach by highlighting their brand under every photo


Maintains Privacy

Each member only gets to see only "their" own photos


Invite-only and secure

Each event on Memzo is invite-only & password protected. You can control who can access and stay in the event from our dashboard


Show Event Highlights to everyone

Every guest gets to see their photos. But you can show certain best photos to everyone


Easy and Instant

Set up your event on Memzo in minutes. Guests get their photos in seconds

What our users
have been saying.

Modern Photographers use Memzo to grow their Business and Brand

Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh Gupta

Founder & Director, The Lensocrat

"A Must have for all photographer" - The Al works perfectly even recognises people with masks on. With Memzo I was able to wrap up my current wedding project the very next day of the reception.

Shrey Bhagat

Shrey Bhagat

Co- Founder, Knotting Bells

"Brilliant App" An amazing app that has made ours & our clients life extremely simple. Love the team’s passion & their zeal to keep upgrading and updating as time goes by. Its a brilliant app and its here to stay. Cheers to team Memzo!

Siddharth Pruthi

Siddharth Pruthi

Photographer, The Pineapple Productions

"Amazing Brand Visibility through Memzo" - As a photographer, this app has made our life so easy. We can actually showcase our portfolio in just a fraction of seconds to masses, and create brand virality.


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